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Lisa Love lisa-love 10 February 2015 0
Top 5 Beach Ideas for Valentine's Day in the Riviera Maya

Top 5 Beach Ideas for Valentine's Day in the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is the perfect setting for romance, with miles and miles of soft white sand, cool turquoise Caribbean Sea, and warm tropical breezes all you have to do is look to the beach for inspiration to make this Valentine's Day extraordinary.

1) Impromptu picnic on the beach!? *SWOON*

I'm sorry, call me old fashioned, but bring me down to the beach for a picnic and I'm all yours! Especially if you put a little thought in to it. (Who am I kidding? Wine in a paper sack is planning enough for me!) Why not stop at La Europea, or your favorite local deli and pick up some cheese, olives, cold cut meats, a fresh baguette and some wine or champagne? Add a table cloth and VOILÀ, serious beach romance awaits you. For those of you who may be shopping challenged, DON'T PANIC swing by Chez Céline and order your favorite baguette sandwich and a salad to-go, easy-peasy, you're an Adonis or Venus, as the case may be.

2) Nothing says romance like a private catered dinner on the beach.

Playa del Carmen, and the entire Riviera Maya for that matter, is rich with luxury hotels and restaurants along its sparkling white sand beaches. Choose your favorite and ask them to set up a special romantic beach dinner for you and your honey-bunny. I'll admit, this is not going to be easy on your wallet, but the photo-opp and wow-factor are worth every penny!

3) Serenade your sweetie with a favorite song a-la-Mariachi!ç

A Mariachi serenade is the definition of romance. Period. Just ask any Mariachi guy on Playa del Carmen's world famous 5th Avenue!

4) Star gazing- There's an App for that!

On a budget? Take your sweetie on a moonlight walk and gaze at the stars. Make ridiculous romantic wishes on shooting stars, whip out your smart phone and use it to find your lover's horoscope constellation, or just lay back on a beach blanket and invent your own constellations that pertain to your relationship. Awwwwwwww...

5) If all else fails, try a beach massage and chocolate!

Guaranteed to have your sweetie purring in no time, a massage at any of the many outdoor beach massage tables is sure to be a winner! To top off this already almost perfect gift, just add chocolate! Nothing satisfies a Valentine's Day sweet tooth like chocolate from Ah Cacao or El Gallinero.

Romance is alive along the entire coastline of the Riviera Maya, take a little inspiration from the beach!