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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea 30 December 2023 0
Nein Buck: Where Even Meat Lovers Surrender to Plant-Powered Bliss!

Nein Buck: Where Even Meat Lovers Surrender to Plant-Powered Bliss!

In the heart of Playa del Carmen, a unique vegan restaurant named Nein Buck has emerged, offering a plant-based culinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Let's delve into the fascinating journey that led to the creation of Nein Buck and its distinctive plant-based menu.

The story of Nein Buck begins in Ottawa, Ontario, where owner Chris, having retired from the military in 2019, embarked on a journey towards a plant-based lifestyle. The shift from traditional meat-centric dishes to plant-based alternatives initially seemed promising, but a closer look at processed ingredients prompted a reevaluation. With retirement came the opportunity to become a self-made entrepreneur, and the idea of a food truck quickly became the perfect fit. Choosing a name that reflected more than just burgers and fries, it was finally settled on "Nein Buck." The name, a combination of "Nein" (German for "No") and "Buck" (referring to the animal), succinctly communicates the restaurant's mindset—No animal products.

The story takes an exciting turn in the late fall of 2022 when the Chris crossed paths with Monse during a vacation in Playa del Carmen. A dynamic duo was formed as they decided not only to open a restaurant but to create a concept together. Monse, a seasoned professional in the Playa del Carmen business community, brought invaluable experience and expertise to the table. Their collaboration was the key to bringing Nein Buck to fruition. Monse also currently owns Capitan Sandwich and has owned and run several other successful foodie gems in our beloved beachtown.

Taking inspiration from Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa (one of the world famous Culinary Art Institute) the Nein Buck patty is a unique blend of textured vegetable protein, beans, beets, oats, onions, and mushrooms. The owners proudly claims to be the first to implement a "smash" burger technique using a homemade plant-based patty, creating a humble yet delicious culinary experience.

Bbq Jackfruit Burger (slow-cooked jackfruit, coleslaw, pickles and Bbq sauce)

"Cheeseburger" Nein Buck patty, lettuce, onion, tomato, Nein Buck spread (This was my absolute favorite!!! All burgers were fantastics but this particular one won my heart!)

Blue "Cheeseburger": Nein Buck patty, blue-"cheese" spread, arugula, caramelized onions, blue "cheese" crumble and Bbq sauce.

When I though I could not be more surprised by the creativity of the owners, I was introduced to the desserts...

The "cheese"cake was to die for!

Delicious chocolate muffin

Recognizing the need for culinary expertise, Chris enrolled in a Gourmet Course at Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa, in the spring of 2021. Equipped with new skills and knowledge, a year of experimentation ensued to perfect a plant-based burger patty that could rival its meat-based counterparts. By the fall of 2022, the Nein Buck burger was born—a testament to dedication and a passion for creating exceptional plant-based cuisine. Looking forward, Chris plans to further enhance their culinary skills by attending Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa, for the Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts in April 2024. The goal is to bring back new insights and techniques to elevate Nein Buck's offerings.

As a meat-lover myself, I was stunned and absolutely fascinated with the perfect flavors and textures, I even forgot I was not eating meat! The more I discover the vegan options out there, the more interested I am. I think Nein Buck will not only find a tremendously large vegan fan base but also of people like me, who still loves meat but who is also open minded about the vegan community and what they are successfuly and continously creating. The unique concept, collaborative spirit, and dedication to crafting exceptional plant-based dishes make Nein Buck a must-visit for those seeking a flavorful and conscious dining experience in Playa del Carmen.

Nein Buck is located on CTM avenue between 5th and 10th avenue. Click on the following for the Google Maps link:

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