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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea 3 June 2024 0
ReConnect: Embracing the Chill - Ice Baths on Playa's Sands

ReConnect: Embracing the Chill - Ice Baths on Playa's Sands

When I was invited to take an ice bath on the downtown beach of Playa del Carmen, I had no idea what to expect. I'd heard about the benefits of cold immersion, but experiencing it firsthand was something else entirely. Spoiler alert: I absolutely loved it!

The Cool Experience

Sarah and Kevin the owners of Reconnect carefully lined up the blue tubs along the shore and started filling them with a serious amount of ice as well as ocean water. The combination of the stunning ocean view and the prospect of an icy plunge was exhilarating. With the guidance of Sarah, all attendees and myself did a few minutes of breathing exercises before entering the ice baths. I realized how crucial those exercises were the minute I put my feet in the icy tub. I took a deep breath and stepped in. The initial shock of the cold water was extremely intense for me, but with some deep breathing, a bit of mental focus, and a big help from Sarah who was next to me reminding me to breathe just like I had learned minutes ago, I quickly adapted.

How It Works

Ice baths, or cold-water immersion therapy, involve submerging your body in icy water for a short period. With Reconnect, the ice baths sessions are 3.5 min long; from their own research and by based on cold experts research, they found that we get all the benefits in that particular amount of time. The cold water triggers a host of physiological responses: your blood vessels constrict, blood flow to your extremities decreases, and your body begins to conserve heat. This process can help reduce inflammation, speed up muscle recovery, and even boost your mood.

The Benefits

The benefits of ice baths are impressive and numerous:

  • Reduced Muscle Soreness: The cold helps to reduce inflammation and swelling, which is great after a tough workout.
  • Improved Circulation: The constriction and dilation of blood vessels during and after the ice bath can enhance overall circulation.
  • Mental Clarity and Stress Relief: The intense cold requires deep, mindful breathing, which can help reduce stress and improve mental clarity.
  • Boosted Immune System: Regular exposure to cold water can stimulate your immune system, potentially reducing the frequency of common illnesses.

Training Like a Pro

The experience left me curious about the science and techniques behind ice baths, so I checked out the Reconnect website and their brochure. They offer an instructor training program that's perfect for anyone wanting to dive deeper (pun intended) into the world of cold immersion and breath work. Their certification program equips you with the knowledge and skills to guide and lead others through these powerful practices. Whether you’re looking to enhance your own wellness routine or teach others, their program is comprehensive and accessible. There are 2 options; in-person training and online training. The in-person training is 6 days while the online training is 8 weeks. Both are in-depth trainings, they even have heart rate variability tools to show how you can actually change the rhythm of your heart. They also work with a musician who helps to create music curated breath work journeys during the trainings.

Dive In

If you find yourself in Playa del Carmen, I highly recommend giving the ice bath a try. Not only will you enjoy the immediate benefits, but you might also find yourself hooked on the rush of cold immersion just like I did. Plus, with the stunning backdrop of the beach, it’s an experience you won't forget. And if you're as intrigued as I was, consider exploring the instructor training program with Reconnect. Who knows? You might just find a new passion.

For more information, check out their Reconnect website.

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