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To the Real Civilization: A Professional's Journey to the Basics

To the Real Civilization: A Professional's Journey to the Basics

The world is changing quicker by the moment. We feel it as humans by just how fast time goes by. We feel the pressure to succeed in daily life. But is success the key to happiness? Not for everyone. Professional photographer Michael Maurus, formerly from Germany, US and most recently Puerto Morelos, has found success for him through the simplicity of living in Nature. Here is more about his journey.

Michael has lived many layers of professional success through his life. Originally from Bavaria, Germany, his lust for photography was born from watching slide shows of his father´s travels. This passion grew to when he was living the typical sense of success with fashion photography in NYC and Miami. The fashion world brought him to Cancun since it was cheaper to film there and had such beautiful landscapes. Little did he know that this would change his life unexpectedly.

From the high-speed world of fashion, he found the need to decompress and was invited to live in the small fishing village (at the time) Puerto Morelos. There he found work shifting towards interior and restaurant photography but his soul was still restless. Michael enjoys walking the streets and getting to know the local people. With time they trusted him as family and he took up projects documenting the faces of Puerto Morelos.

As time went on, another calling began. Michael was feeling the call of the jungle. As he met people who lived out there and also had land, he was able to secure a special part just for him. The more time spent out there, the more time he wanted to spend out there. He found that what people call “civilization”, ie. city and luxury elements such as internet, television etc, was just the opposite for him. He now calls his jungle the true civilization where the breathing among the trees is the true luxury. But to live in a “civilized” world, you still must earn money so he continues his photo shoots for interior and food clients. However, he needed to feed his soul, as well, and share his richness he had found and this is how his new project was born.

Michael’s photo walks tours are a new breed of informational adventures. Michael will take you on a walking tour of Leona Vicario, a small city west of Puerto Morelos, to meet the real Mexico. These are a fusion of his photo workshops and cultural tours. You will learn how to use those overwhelming setting on your phone, compact camera or fancy DSLR, as well as, the basics of street photography. Who doesn’t use at least their phone for daily shots?

Photography knowledge, however, is not the goal of these tours for Michael. He wants to show you the true essence of Mexico, not what you see on CNN or Fox News. These jaunts through Leona Vicario take you to the local fruit stand, the hammock maker, even where they make chicharron. You meet the sincere, humble people of Mexico in their traditional dress while living their daily lives sharing smiles with you.

From Leona Vicario, you will go into the jungle where Michael has taken up residence. This is where another type of magic happens. After just a short time there, you will understand his “need” to be there. Since his camera is another limb for him and he always has it with him, he has evolved his photography for the jungle. Jungle photography is different because you need to know how to capture the dimensions and layers of the green. The jungle is a teacher from photography to how to build a fire to make the first cup of coffee. Luckily, Michael has some tutors out there and he shares this part of his life with you.

The jungle magic will filter into your being as you walk the paths with Michael through paths around jungle tree houses, a beautiful cenote, and many other special places. You can feel the stress melt away as the breeze through the trees soothes you and you see how they cook by fire and take water from a well. You may even get a glimpse of the daily jungle traffic of monkeys or parrots going by high up in the jungle canopy.

Why does Michael share this intimate part of his life with you? He wants to show you that 5th Avenue is not Mexico. So many people travel here and do not see what Mexico truly is outside of the resorts. Even people who have lived here for decades are surprised after going on one of these tours to see things they have never experienced. His goal is to be full-time in the jungle and for everyone to take back with them “the jungle grin”, which you will find stretched across your face just a few meters into the jungle. This is the best souvenir you can take back home with you.

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Crystal Anne Mitchell lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and loves it. She is a writer at “The Playa Times” and the Co-Founder/Director at Sonrisas Contagiosas.