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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea 13 May 2021 0
Sal: The New Steakhouse Experience

Sal: The New Steakhouse Experience

What some may call a steakhouse, the luxurious Paradisus Hotel Playa del Carmen calls a meat and salt experience. A hunt for flavors. We were invited last week for a private tasting, and we can assure you, it really is! The newest steakhouse restaurant in town is a unique experience, where you will satisfy those caveman and cavewoman senses that you carry inside.

From the moment you enter and set foot in the very warm, yet urban atmosphere of Sal, you will find yourself in a very nice setting with dim lighting, wooden furniture and live lounge Dj music. You will come across a dry ager refrigerator containing a few incredible meat cuts (Ryb eye, Tomahawk, NY, Flank steak) and kinds, such as Wagyu and Angus Black Jack’s Creek. Along with other high-tech equipment, you will also find a micro green nursery right in the middle of the fabulous dining room, which Chef Moises Suárez Molina uses for his avant-garde preparations and unique cuisine.

The meat menu offers Angus Black Jack Creek and Wagyu meat, the best meat brought from Australia. They prepare these top choice meat cuts in diverse styles from around the world such as Josper, Rodizio, Argentinian, American Grill and so much more. They also make sure to use Halal products. It is important to note that even though the focus seems to be on premium meat cuts, Sal also offers incredible options of top quality seafood such as Alaskan Crab Legs, Sea Bass, oysters, or Finest Osetra Russian Caviar, only to name a few. Chef Moises also created a variety of salts to pair with meat such as grasshopper salt, salt with coffee, and many other exotic and fascinating combination of salt, all of which are available for sale at the restaurant. The high technology in cooking techniques is certainly an important tool in the concept of Sal. The Josper oven that reaches a temperature of 300/350 degrees, allows the products that are cooked in it to be braised and roasted. Likewise, the Josper oven gives raw materials a unique flavor, like that of firewood, adding a texture and juiciness that makes a considerable difference. The high temperatures reached, make the product close its pores, better retain its essences and at the same time acquire both an exquisite texture and the aroma of the embers, so appreciated by diners.

There's nothing better than starting off the evening with delightful, creative and unique cocktails created by experienced mixologists! That night we were served very interesting and flavorful cocktails such as the "Ate de Guayaba"; Guava fruit, mezcal, chile ancho licor and pineapple juice, as well as another delightful cocktail called "La Mestiza"; Tequila infused with coffee, coffee licor, pineapple juice, a touch of lime and tonic water.

A homemade bread with was served, with different kind of butters, followed by a simple meatball that was so incredibly tender that it literally melted in our mouth.

We were then served a perfectly savory beef broth with cheese spheres, which were a very interesting and delectable experience!

As for the appetizer, we chose the lightly smoked trout slices with green apple, pickled fennel and fresh cucumbers. This appetizer was a perfect fresh choice, the softness in every bite made this dish a new favorite for us.

We of course decide to go for a meat cut for our main dish. The 350g short rib is slow cooked for 30 hours and we must say that we could have eaten it without a knife, because of its tenderness and how it melted in our mouth. To accompany this dish, we were served an incredible and authentic mole negro, a “Comté” cheese creamy sauce and also a fluffy and delicious mash potato side dish.

The first “cherry on top of the cake” was an exquisite and heavenly chocolate cake 75% cocoa, with green tea and mint ice cream. Without a doubt one of the best chocolate cake we’ve ever had, and the combination with this particular homemade ice cream was simply perfect.

And just when we thought that our feast had come to an end, we received this amazing piece of art, made of different elements of licor (in shots and spheres) and sweets.

Sal is definitely a wonderful and delightful new option for all the meat lovers out there, and also for the seekers of quality seafood, in search of a unique gastronomy experience, in a safe environment, with free parking and beautiful scenery, only minutes away from the downtown area. Located on 5th Avenue, it is now one more option for local foodies as well as tourists. Even though the restaurant is located in one of the best resorts in town, it is open to the general public and offers VERY competitive prices compared to other nice steakhouses in Playa. Sal is open daily from 6pm to 11pm. You can consult their menu on their Instagram and Facebook, and make your reservations at 998-241-9726 or via email to

Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea

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