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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea 28 November 2022 0
Fabulous Fusion: Korean Bbq & Mexican Cuisine- A New Playa Culinary Delight!

Fabulous Fusion: Korean Bbq & Mexican Cuisine- A New Playa Culinary Delight!

We have always loved to experience different cuisines from all over the world, and especially to discover the basics, the foundations, and the roots of every culture by diving into their street food. Mestixa is just that. A perfect marriage between two different worlds: the street food of Asia and Mexico. The urban chic concept of Mestixa, along with its creative menu, were designed and shaped by two outstanding world-famous chefs: Jose Luis Hinostroza and Cara Michelle Davis.

Jose Luis Hinostroza is a young Mexican-American Chef who has trained and worked all over the globe. His curiosity led him to the culinary mecca of Noma in Copenhagen with Rene Redzepi, and he was part of the research and development team at Noma Mexico. Now, his life path and dreams lead him to found ARCA (recently in 29th place on the list @theworlds50best of Latin America and ARCA bar at No. 37 of the @50bestbars), ATILA, and MESTIXA, the latter being the most recent and innovative, with a location in the heart of Playa del Carmen.

Chef Cara Michelle Davis is a very creative young chef born in the Philippines. Asian cuisine has not only been a part of her life, but is still a huge influence on the way she cooks and creates. She has worked and apprenticed alongside world-renowned top chefs at some of the most prestigious dining establishments in North America.

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When both chefs met and decided to fuse their culture to create a new street food version of both culinary backgrounds, Mestixa was born. The concept is unique and the menu is brilliant. The cocktails created by Majo Cruz are also an adventure and an experience from one creation to another.

We were lucky enough to be invited once again by our friends at EV Marketing & Communications, and we are so very thankful for such a unique gastronomic experience.

Shrimp tempura tacos: Furikake, japanese mayo, lettuce cups, pickled ginger, ponzu

Pork Belly Toston: Chaya aioli, onion escabeche, cilantro, avocado

Korean Bbq

Vegetarian Korean Bbq

Crepe cake: Matcha and chaya crepes, goat cheese and coconut mousse, white chocolate (This one was our favorite...)

Thai coconut raspado: miso flan, cacao brownie, lemon grass, coconut shaved ice, toasted coconut (Also our favorite!!)

Taiyaki: Puff pastry marquesita, passionfruit paté, fruit, seasonal ice cream

The upstairs area has AC and large tables, each with their own grill, so you and your group can experience the famous Korean BBQ concept. The downstairs open-air area also has tables with grills, and it faces the famous corner of 5th avenue and calle 10.

Lastly, if you are wine lovers like we are, you will be delighted to know that their wine list is absolutely divine!

Over the years, Playa del Carmen has become a very cosmopolitan beach town with a mix of locals and residents from all over the world. Naturally, this has changed the culinary scene here and added new influences, more options, and wonderful fusions. Of course, you can still find more traditional food joints all around town, but now an array of different cuisines from different cultures and different flavors is widely available and adds even more color to our unique beach town.

Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea

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