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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea 20 May 2020 0
El Muñe: Tacos With Heart

El Muñe: Tacos With Heart

Many of you know Playa del Carmen for its beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise water, culture, history, cenotes and ruins. But when you become a local resident, you realize that what makes Playa del Carmen one of the most incredible places on Earth is the people. Our beloved beach town has been through its fair share of trials and tribulations over the years but the people of Playa del Carmen always stick together and help each other in times of crisis.

Some local businesses have stood out since the beginning of the current pandemic, they stood out in such a "hero way" by helping our community in any way they could, even while going through rough times economically. We believe in HOPE and GRATITUDE especially during this difficult time, so we will be doing a series of blog posts to pay tribute and highlight the good work and positive deeds of our local heroes.

El Muñe Taquerias, Muñe del Mar and Muñe Pizzeria is one of the local business chains that is doing outstanding work for our community. Maria Jose Osorio Rosas and her diligent team have been working hand in hand with Christian Lozano, from the Intégralo By Johan Rodriguez Foundation, to open several community soup kitchens in Playa del Carmen in the following neighborhoods: Centro, Colosio, Nicte-Ha, Torres, Villas del Sol, In-House, Flores and Cristo Rey. Not only did they open these local soup kitchens, but they also staffed them with trained volunteers that have been certified by IMSS for Covid19 prevention, as well as preparing the food, donating, and delivering to each location.

Because Maria Jose and her team felt they could do even more for their community, they brought 145 medical suits to the general hospital, and even helped by donating a ventilator to the general hospital of Playa del Carmen.

We are truly impressed at their selfless acts. We can't help ourselves but, to feel proud of our friends at Taquerias El Muñe and shout from the mountain top about outstanding service they are providing every day to help those most in need.

The best way to support them in their great labor, is by ordering their delicious food (delivery or take-out 984-178-1976) from any of the 3 Muñe locations. At this time all profits go directly to cover all expenses of all the community soup kitchens and to pay all the food that keeps feeding hundreds of people every day in Playa del Carmen.

We need more good news these days! Share with us your stories of people coming together to help, grow and build during this time. In what ways are people coming together to help each other near you? Let’s focus on stories of compassion and hope during this dark time. Better days will be here soon, in the meantime, let’s look to the helpers for inspiration!

Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea

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