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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea 29 June 2021 0
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dine Surrounded By Wine!

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dine Surrounded By Wine!

Over the past few years, Playa del Carmen's food and wine scene has been booming. Foodies have been delighted with the high-end Mexican cuisine at several hot spots in town, and wine lovers have been part of a growing wine community that thrives on wine tastings and pairing dinners in several hidden gems around town.

A few years ago, a new wine project was born in the west part of our beloved beach town: Wine O’Clock Boutique. A beautiful and cozy space with some of the best Mexican wines, a chef creating fine Mexican and international dishes, winemakers coming from around the country to introduce their wines during pairing dinners and finally, live classical music by musicians from none other than Cirque du Soleil, or world-renowned violinists, to name a few. It's also possible to become a member of the Wine Club and get great discounts on bottles of wine. Gerson, the founder of Wine O’Clock was so happy to see his concept being so well received in our community that he decided to open a second location, but this time in the heart of town, just at the limits of now famous Colonia Hollywood, one of our favorite neighborhoods!

Wine O’Clock Boutique has indoor (with A/C) and outdoor seating and will offer fabulous and high-end Mexican cuisine; all of which will, of course, be a perfect match for the outstanding wine list that features not just Mexican, but also Argentinian, French and Spanish wines.

We were recently invited to a private breakfast tasting, and since we're only just days away from the official launch and opening event on July 1st, we took plenty of photos for you to enjoy and to tempt you enough so you all rush to Wine O’Clock Boutique as soon as they open! Oh and do not worry, we will certainly be going back to try their lunch and dinner and we will naturally try some of their fabulous wines, so we can offer you a complete wine and food blog on this incredible hidden gem.

We started off with these spicy and savory “gorditas” , stuffed with a variety of seafood “a la diabla”, cream of black bean, tomatillo sauce and salad with lime and cotija cheese.

The second plate that was brought to us by the amazing chef Juan Manuel Cuenca. It was by all means the favorite of all that we tried that morning (we absolutely ADORED every single breakfast dish that were presented to us at that day, but this particular one, won a special place in our hearts…and belly!) Black Chilaquiles with Castacan: They are made of black fried tortillas, Castacan (Castacan is the Yucatecan version of crispy pork belly, this time it was served both very tender with a touch of crispness), seared avocado, slices of tomatoes, cotija cheese, cream made locally, red onion and coriander oil.

This very fresh and light breakfast is a must for the summer! Huevo Mollet: Homemade bread topped with arugula and chaya, cherry tomatoes macerated with fine herbs, homemade hummus, turkey ham, cream cheese and pasilla.

The last two dishes, presented in two different versions, are often known to cure the infamous “hangover” here in Mexico…! They are full of taste and served with different condiments to add, at the discretion of the customer. First we received the famous “Tacos de Birria Suaves Ahogados”: Birria Tacos consists of the braised meat inside a corn tortilla that's been pan-fried in the fat that sits at the top of the birria. In this case, the consomé is served on top of the tacos.

Finally, the second version of Birria by Chef Juan Manuel is a bowl of homemade Birria, slow cooked and topped with homemade hummus and avocado. In this version the consomé is also served on top of the braised meat. A delicious Mexican traditional breakfast that can’t be ignored!

We are thankful to our friend Gerson, the owner of Wine O’Clock Boutique, for inviting us to taste the outstanding breakfast menu before the official launching. Our guests even said that they were more than happy to finally find a different, high-end breakfast option in town, but first and foremost in this multi-cultural neighborhood. We ourselves will indubitably become regular customers and we are really looking forward to experience their lunch and dinner menu, as well as their now renowned wine pairing dinners! Don't miss the official opening this coming Thursday July 1st at 7pm! They are located on calle 20th between 30th and 25th avenues, right next to the amazing hair salon Studio Rosë!

Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea

Andrea was born and raised in Montreal by a Mexican mother and a French Canadian father. She studied cinema and photography in Argentina and Montreal, and has now been living in Playa del Carmen for several years. Both her Mexican and Canadian roots are an important influence on her identity and how she perceives the world through her photography and writing as the content creator for BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors and the blogs at

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