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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea 28 September 2016 0
2 Cities, 2 Food Trucks: Too Delicious to Miss!!

2 Cities, 2 Food Trucks: Too Delicious to Miss!!

The culinary scene here in the Riviera Maya is becoming a scene where world-known chefs open their restaurants on popular and trendy spots coveded by so many. The traditional and authentic Mexican eateries are also of course part of the Caribbean scene: lovely restaurants on the beach of Akumal, typical taco stands around town in Playa del Carmen, or small and charming restaurants in Tulum where you can find the authentic flavor of a traditional Mexican family meal. You can now also enjoy very unique and cool food concepts, with nothing less than the latest trend... Food Trucks.

We, BuyPlaya foodies, discovered two gems in two Riviera Maya cities, both with a unique concept and inspiring creators. Our culinary trip started here in our hometown of Playa del Carmen, with Kuni.

Young couple Sonia and Omar had a dream: to get their food truck down to Playa del Carmen and serve fresh gourmet seafood tacos to tourists and locals who are looking for the authentic Caribbean flavor and a laid-back restaurant concept. The couple has 2 Kuni food trucks: One located right downtown on 14th Bis Street between 25th and 30th Avenues, and the other one located in the "Streat Park" in one of the local communities, past the Federal Highway on Avenida Constituyentes between 60th and 65th Avenues. We visited their newest location in the Streat Park on Avenida Constituyentes.

This hard working Mexican couple had the simple idea of presenting a fresh Baja-style seafood menu along with vegetarian options and delicious local ceviches.. all of it for more than reasonable prices!

Tostada de Pulpo con Camaron (Octopus and Shrimp Tostada)

Taco de Aguacate (Vegetarian Avocado Taco made with homemade batter)

Atun Sellado (Seared Tuna Taco)

Taco de Pulpo (Octopus Taco, made with homemade batter)

Ceviche con Mango (Mango and Shrimp Ceviche)

The affordable menu will charm the seafood lover and the taco lover in you. All recipes are made with love and hard work but also with a deep respect for local producers.

Kuni is open Tuesday through Sunday, from noon to 10 pm. Visit them in both locations for a different experience, and look for Sonia and Omar so they can tell you their amazing and inspiring love and food story!

After savoring Kuni's delightful fresh menu from the sea, we were now heading to Tulum to meet with Charly: owner of the fantastic and delicious Charly's Vegan Food Truck!

Charly and business partner Alex opened this fabulous vegan food truck almost one year ago on the laid-back beachside road of Tulum, set amidst stylish beach clubs like Papaya Playa Project and the hotel zone's best shopping and dining. Before becoming the chef at Charly's Vegan Food Truck, Charly worked as a chef at the famous Harry's Restaurant in Mexico City, Azul Sentori resort, John Gray's Restaurant Group, and as banquet chef at the Paradissus hotel in Cancun. Both owners (Charly from Mexico City and Alex from London) adopted the vegan lifestyle and were looking to create a menu that would bring together vegans and taco lovers under one same roof. The goal was to develop a menu that would satisfy any palate by recreating original and traditional Mexican recipes and making them vegan, yet keeping the same classic flavor.

Vegan ceviche made with soy and pico de gallo

Vegan "chorizo" tacos

Vegan huitlacoche tacos

(Counter-clockwise from bottom left) Vegan mushroom al pastor taco, vegan huitlacoche taco, vegan "chicharron prensado" taco, vegan smoked mushroom taco, vegan "chorizo" taco

Vegan mushroom "al pastor" taco

Grilled corn on the cob with vegan mayo and toasted peanuts

Vegan cheesecake made with cashews, bananas, coconut oil and rejuvelac (One of the best desserts I have ever had....Seriously!)

What's most inspiring about Charly and Alex is the fact that they brought vegan food and tacos to a whole new level here in the Riviera Maya. Every taco recipe was carefully thought out, designed and created with vegan spirit but also with a respect for Mexican cuisine and traditions. Like Kuni Food Truck, Charly and Alex work with local producers and support the local community by using a variety of quality local products in their menu. You can visit their website to find out more about their entire menu and learn a little more about their fantastic and innovative cuisine!

Even if I do not consider myself a vegan, vegeterian or part of any other specific food practice, I certainly consider myself a foodie, a food lover, an epecurian... That is why I was able to enjoy every bite of Charly's cuisine, every taste, every texture and every sight of their colorful menu. It was also thrilling and intriguing to find out how certain items of the menu were made, even though they tasted so much like the original recipes! If you are a fan of the traditional chicharron prensando (pressed pork rinds), you will fall out of your chair after you taste this brilliant vegan taco version.

Let yourselves go on a culinary road adventure, off the beaten path of the Riviera Maya! BuyPlaya foodies are in constant quest to find the hidden gems of the local culinary scene, and we try to publish as many food blogs and wine blogs as possible for all you epicureans out there, so you can get a good taste of what the Riviera Maya has to offer you as a tourist, or as a local. Our food blogs are a great way to get to know our beloved region, so please let us know if you would like to see your favorite restaurant on our next food blog, or your favorite Mexican wine on our next wine blog!

Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea

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