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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea 31 May 2017 0
Tropical Island Style: Inside Cozumel's Fashion Week

Tropical Island Style: Inside Cozumel's Fashion Week Take a peek at Cozumel's very first Fashion Week!

Since we are considered to be among the crème de la fashion crème (wink), BuyPlaya received an invitation from the incomparable Secrets Aura Cozumel Resort, to attend the very first Cozumel Fashion Week event held on the resort premises. Our fashion sensibilities were put to the test by, Goodfellas Creative Studio, who worked hand in hand with several local sponsors to produce this spectacular week-long Fashion Festival on the tropical island of Cozumel.

BuyPlaya enthusiastically attended the last day of the events at the Secrets Aura Cozumel. The fashion festival featured several workshops as well as art exhibits, fashion shows and catwalks throughout the week in various locations throughout the island.

The workshops focused on many different creative topics that influence fashion, from body painting art, sound design and musical production; to embroidery workshops, image strategy, political communication, modeling workshops, art and sound sensation, interactive loom workshop and creative process.

The art exhibits took place among many high-end venues on Cozumel Island. The fashion forward exhibits featured Mexican artists such as Maria Carvajal, Pit, Joel Rendón and French photographer Florent Serfati.

The Secrets Aura Cozumel Resort was a perfect venue for the fashion festival with its enchanting natural decor, white sand beach, outstanding service and heavenly accommodations. This trendy resort was an inspiring backdrop for the in vogue tropical fashion that stomped the poolside runway.

Some of the featured designers were: Paulina Araujo, Paulina Gomez, both new Mexican designers, Isla Trendy, Erika Flores, Cabrillas, Karina Rodríguez

While the island of Cozumel will always be famous for SCUBA diving, water sports, and its breathtaking Caribbean views, this Fashion Week festival seeks to expand the touristic image and call attention to the great artistic potential of Mexican designers. This festival allowed Cozumel to not only showcase its natural appeal, but also stake a claim as a cultural capital that is a point of reference for national and international tourism.

Hair and makeup were provided by by Kalos Beauty Salon of Playa del Carmen. These hard working professionals gave their beauty best for this sensational fashion parade.

As the hot tropical breeze began to cool and the sun began its descent back into the Caribbean Sea, tropical fashion showed us another form to behold....

...with a mermaid promenade. This season's most fashionable mermaids were a sight to behold, floating effortlessly with many colorful fins swirling about them like swirls of fresh dropped ink in the cool blue water. We were absolutely mezmorized by their passage.

Drawing to conclusion this stirring week of fashion creativity, the grand finale of Cozumel's Fashion Week was in part a tribute to body painting set against the mysterious and dark evening Caribbean waters. A whirling sensory overload, the closing event for this fashion week was as beautiful and creatively inspiring as the rest of the fashion events that we witnessed.

As the Riviera Maya continues to develop, we expect to see more fashion forward events not only in Cozumel but through the entire coastal region of the Yucatan Penninsula, we will be there to awe and marvel, shouldn't you be as well...?

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