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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea 12 June 2023 0
Weekly Chess Event at Gourmet Park: Bringing the Chess Community Together in Playa del Carmen

Weekly Chess Event at Gourmet Park: Bringing the Chess Community Together in Playa del Carmen

Calling all chess enthusiasts! An exciting weekly chess event is taking place every Wednesday at the vibrant Gourmet Park, nestled downtown Playa del Carmen. Our friends from Gourmet Park have recently embarked on this exciting initiative to bring the chess community together, as well as offering a fun activity for families and for the whole downtown community.

Every Wednesday evening, from 6pm to 7pm, chess enthusiasts of all ages will gather at the Gourmet Park for a friendly and competitive game of chess.

In addition to the thrill of engaging in chess matches, there are prizes awaiting the winners. The first-place champion will be awarded with a mouthwatering hamburger served with fries, accompanied by a refreshing drink. Moreover, the champion will earn the title of the tournament. The second-place winner will be treated to a delicious red fruit crepe and a refreshing beverage.

The weekly chess event at Gourmet Park provides an excellent opportunity for chess enthusiasts to connect with like minded people from the community and enjoy friendly competition. Wether you're a devoted chess fan, a seasoned pro or a beginner eager to learn, this event promises an evening of intellectual stimulation and social interaction, and of course surrounded by an array of delicious food trucks.

Located in the heart of "Colonia Hollywood", on the corner of 25th avenue and 28th Street, Gourmet Park's enchanting ambiance and inviting atmosphere make it the perfect venue for this chess & community gathering. With its seven food trucks, a cozy bar and a big screen showcasing live sports events, the Park offers something for everyone.

Among the food trucks, you will find a delectable variety of small eateries such as B's Frito Pollo, WeSushi, Oriental Express, Little Tulum, Creparks and even a "PopCorner", ensuring that participants can satisfy their cravings during the event.

Gourmet Park and its partners invite you to join them every Wednesday to be a part of the Playa del Carmen chess community, where minds meet, strategies clash, and friendships are forged over the checkered board.

Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea

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