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Andrea Perron Ruiz andrea 22 October 2021 0
Sea Views & Ocean Breeze Dinner: Mia Tulum Presents...

Sea Views & Ocean Breeze Dinner: Mia Tulum Presents... Special Guest Chef Event! Featuring Merida Chef Vidal Elias

By now, you all know our love and fascination for wine pairing dinners… So, when our friends at Mia Tulum invited us for a very special guest chef event, we were more than happy to accept their kind invitation! We have always been huge fans of the famous Casa del Agua that was located on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen, and which was founded more than 20 years ago. The famous wine pairing events and private wine tastings certainly started there in a then young, Playa del Carmen. Years later, its owner Hans has moved his concept to Tulum and renamed it Mia. The new location is directly on the beach, with sea views and ocean breezes.

The love for great wines and high-end gastronomy is palpable in every one of Hans’s projects, and Mia is certainly no exception. This is why we were so excited to attend Mia’s last Guest Chef Event, for an exceptional evening of Yucatan cuisine, tasteful and perfectly paired cocktails and wine.

Guest Chef Vidal Elias was born in Mexico City but has lived most of his life in Yucatan, our neighbor state here in Quintana Roo. Not only is he a renowned chef here in Mexico, but he is also a sommelier. He is passionate about his roots and especially about the art of Mexican cuisine. Chef Elias is also co-owner of the outstanding and famous restaurant Micaela Mar y Leña in Merida, Yucatan. He previously owned La Fisheria restaurant in Houston, Texas. Another important fact to know about him is that he is a proud ambassador of the #pescaconfuturo, a movement created by COMEPESCA; their goal is to promote a conscious use of sustainable fishing, and also promote the use of local products and producers.

Chef Elias’s cuisine is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest and we can experience his passion in every single dish. We were lucky enough to get an introduction for each of the six courses by the chef himself, and we are happy to present for you here our very own experience of this wonderful Guest Chef Event hosted by the one and only, Restaurant Mia Tulum.

We were welcomed with a very refreshing and tasty mezcal cocktail that would be paired with our exciting and also refreshing first course: pair of oysters.

The second course was introduced to us by saying that we had to mix and mingle this creamy and crunchy dish: raw tuna with Malaga white garlic and sliced almonds. It was such an interesting, beautiful, colorful and unique taste and texture, this dish was definitely one of our favorites! It only made sense to pair it with a wonderful Pinot Grigio called Bertani Velante which had a great structure and a good balance between acidity and flavor.

The third course was an explosion of flavors and textures: Arrachera ceviche. What an amazing way to wake up all of our senses in a perfect time and place! A classic Beaujolais Village by Georges Duboeuf was a great match and a perfect transition for the next dish.

The fourth course arrived on our table like a king in front of his court. A majestic Yucatan pulpo accompanied by sweet potato in embers. Rich in flavor and paired wisely with one of our favorite Mexican wines: Casa Madero Chardonnay Gran Reserva: a refreshing and expressive white wine with integrated and elegant permanence.

The fifth course came as a surprise, as we are absolutely fans of molecular cuisine: clams spherification. It was a perfect refreshing touch right before desert, and another wise continuity with the Casa Madero Chardonnay Gran Reserva.

Finally, the cherry on top of the cake: the sixth and final course, and one of the best desserts I’ve ever had! Cacao at its purest, grown locally, served with Horchata mousse, Tabasco ground pepper and handmade cinnamon chips. And if you ever tried a “Carajillo” (espresso served on ice with Licor 43), you know this was a perfect match for this unique and tasty dessert.

We cannot wait to visit Chef Vidal Elias’s Micaela Mar y Leña restaurant located in Merida and of which we heard nothing but incredible comments and recommendations. In 2019, his restaurant was named and honored in the top 10 Mexbest and received an award from the Gourmet Awards. 150 restaurants were nominated in Yucatan but only a few made it to the final top 10 by judges from all around the country. "Micaela Mar y Leña" was also chosen for the public’s choice award.

A perfect setting, the ocean breeze, incredible culinary experiences, a unique wine cellar like no other, the promotion of local products and sustainable fishing, all of this make Restaurant Mia an incredible space to experience the flavors of the Riviera Maya the right way and to the fullest. This outstanding dinner was only the start of many more Guest Chef Events to come. Having Mexican Chefs from the area and all around coming to Mia and share their talent and passion, is a promise Mia is making to its local guests, as well as visitors around the globe, in order to honor Mexican cuisine through the eyes, hands and experience of some of the best talent there is in this country. We want to thank Edna Vega and her team at EV Marketing & Communications for inviting us not only to this incredible event, but for always including us in the best events and happenings in the Riviera Maya.

To find out who will be the next Guest Chef at Mia’s as well as the next date and time, please contact Mia Tulum through their social media and reserve your spot, you won't regret it!

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