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EZ Snorkel Akumal Bay Riviera Maya

Ez Snorkel has helped many people with limited mobility experience the wonders of the brightly colored sub-aquatic world here in the Mexican Caribbean. The EZ Snorkel has also been used to inspire those who have tragically lost mobility and even a little girl that was about to undergo two years of surgeries to be able to walk for the first time in her 10 year-old-life. This fantastic device has even been recently used to help local children lose their fear of the water and learn to swim in conjunction with the Hekab Be library in Akumal Bay.

EZ Snorkel Akumal Bay

Once again the EZ Snorkel has found yet another worthy application: conquering the fear of the water at Akumal Bay. My parents have been coming to visit me in the Riviera Maya for years and have never been in the warm crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea past knee deep water.

Snorkeling for EVERYONE

My mother never learned to swim (not for lack of trying) and my step-father has not spent much time in the ocean therefore I did not have the confidence the he could easily navigate the waves, possible undertow and the coral reef on his own.

EZ Snorkel Volunteer Team

Thanks to the EZ Snorkel team my family had an experience that opened their eyes to a whole new world! My mother said, "I would have never ever been able to snorkel on my own, I saw things underwater that I had only ever seen on T.V.!"

EZ Snorkel Akumal Bay for everyone

The only payment that Guillermo, or Mister EZ Snorkel as I like to call him, asks is the priceless look of amazement, joy and awe that the peaceful sea turtles and other fascinating creatures of the underwater world inspire in those who use the EZ Snorkel.

EZ Snorkel making the impossible POSSIBLE

My step-father couldn't stop grinning as he told me about the many sea turtles, manta rays, and colorful fish he saw in the calm waters of Akumal Bay.

EZ Snorkel Riviera Maya

Akumal Bay EZ Snorkel

A true labor of love, the EZ Snorkel is still in the development stages and is working on getting a full time concession at Akumal Bay or Xpu-Ha Bay.

EZ Snorkel for all ages and abilities

For now, the EZ Snorkel is available for use by appointment. Since the concession is not fully established, the EZ Snorkel, as of yet, does not have a set price for it's use; it operates purely on the generous donations of those who appreciate the new found mobility and freedom to explore the turquoise water of the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

EZ Snorkel Founder Guillermo

Guillermo, the founder of the EZ Snorkel has selflessly put his whole heart into this project. He has spent countless hours working on the design of the EZ Snorkel, testing it, and making changes. He has devoted himself to building programs in Xpu Ha Bay and Akumal Bay that focus on conservation and appreciation for nature. His goal is to make programs that do not exclude anyone. His focus on conquering mobility issues in the water is coupled with the sea turtle conservation programs he is working on in Akumal, Paa Muul, and Akumal.

Akumal Dive Center

Thanks to the Akumal Dive Center, the EZ Snorkel has received the necessary support to open the underwater world to many grateful people who would have never had the opportunity without this device. Akumal Dive Center has backed Gillermo and his marvelous invention since its inception. Without their continued efforts to assist this project, the EZ Snorkel would not have inspired so many people and touched so many lives.

Akumal BAY

The Akumal Dive Center and the many, many volunteers that give love, support and sweat to help carry, assemble and disassemble the EZ Snorkel equipment are integral. Without their dedication and devotion, the EZ Snorkel would be beached. This equipment was built with love and good intentions and these same ingredients allow it to operate on a donation only basis within Akumal and Xpu-Ha Bay.

EZ Snorkel

Akumal is famous for the many sea turtles that come to graze the sea grass particular to this shallow bay area.

Sea Turtles of Akumal

Akumal Bay Turtles

Akumal Bay Riviera Maya

The easy to use design of the EZ Snorkel makes it perfect for use by people of all ages and abilities.

Akumal Bay EZ Snorkel

The EZ Snorkel has more applications to be explored and design features to streamline. Guillermo is currently looking for investors to help get his product into mass production and to secure the concession licenses necessary to take the EZ Snorkel public. If you are interested in taking this feel-good project to the next level or if you would like to try the EZ Snorkel, please email Guillermo directly at or check out the EZ Snorkel Facebook Page.

EZ Snorkel Akumal Bay Riviera Maya

Overcoming fear of the water, assistance for learning to swim, potential use in lifesaving, full mobility in the water for those with mobility issues; are just a few of the potential uses for this genius apparatus. I eagerly look forward to the evolution of this device!