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New Airpark Coming to Puerto Aventuras

New Airpark Coming to Puerto Aventuras

The first of its kind in Mexico's Riviera Maya, the new Taema Residential Resort & Airpark takes high-end luxury living to new heights. Located just across the highway from Puerto Aventuras, it is being billed as, “A luxury residential community developed around a private airfield that offers elite homeowners the convenience and privileges of having a plane at home.”

The planned location of the new Taema Airpark in the Riviera Maya.

So what exactly is an airpark?

An airpark, or “fly-in community” as it’s also commonly referred to, is a residential community for pilots and aircraft owners that is designed around a private airfield with one or more runways and homes built adjacent to the runway. The hangers where the airplanes are parked are integrated into the homes so that owners can land their plane and park it in their own private hanger, just like how you might park your car in the garage. According to Wikipedia, there are at least 426 residential airparks in the United States.

The new 1,400-acre Taema development will feature a mix of residential lots, commercial areas, condos, townhouses, fractional ownership properties, and an airpark. In addition to a prime location halfway between Playa del Carmen and Akumal in the heart of the Riviera Maya, residents and homeowners will also enjoy access to all of the services and amenities of the Puerto Aventuras Resort, including the deep water marina, golf course, and beaches.

Contemporary Mexican style condos at the new Taema Hacienda

Luxury townhouses at the new Taema Hacienda

It is also planned to be Mexico’s first 100 percent sustainable energy project.

This massive project is being designed and built using sustainable engineering and responsible technologies, including waste separation, water separation, solar power, and LED lighting; and the company has said that the buildings, roads, and airstrip will be built on just 15 percent of the land, while the other 85 percent will remain undeveloped.

Solar power is just one of the ways this new development is pledging to go green.

Development is taking place in three phases, with the first phase of villas and condos located closest to the highway already underway. Development of the second phase, including the entire airpark infrastructure, is scheduled for delivery in September 2019.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new Taema Residential Resort & Airpark you can stop by their sales office and showroom located on the ground floor of La Quinta Alegria shopping mall in Playa del Carmen or visit them online at

All photos by Taema Residential

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