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‘Camino del Mayab’ Multi-Use Trail Circuit Planned for Yucatan

‘Camino del Mayab’ Multi-Use Trail Circuit Planned for Yucatan

The beautiful state of Yucatan will soon be home to an exciting new ecotourism project: the ‘Camino del Mayab.’ This new 100-kilometer (62-mile) hiking and biking trail circuit is being created by the ecotourism group, EcoGuerreros. It will be a vast regional network of multi-use trails that will link 13 localities with conservation areas, cenotes, archeological sites and haciendas in Yucatan, providing endless opportunities for recreation and ecotourism.

The trail network follows a series of roads linking areas of Yucatan that were previously used for the circulation of Henequen by truck, but have since been abandoned. Visitors will be able to enjoy historical attractions, Mayan culture and lots of nature, including natural protected areas, birds and wildlife. Plus, they can stay overnight at any of the destinations.

This new ecotourism project is being touted as an alternative to tourism megaprojects that are often detrimental to the environment. As reported in La Jornada Maya, visitors will require a "trail passport" that will grant people access to the trails and nearby attractions. At each point your passport will be stamped, which will offer additional benefits: for example, you can camp in some of the areas. The passport price will be around one thousand pesos (about $50 usd). Part of the proceeds will be used for conservation of the trail, natural areas and archeological sites.

The ‘Camino del Mayab’ trail network is expected to be completed in December 2020. The project is made possible by the Yucatan Peninsula Climate Fund, the United Nations Development Program, and more than 10 other institutions and organizations.

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Photos by EcoGuerreros Yucatan


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