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Why to Buy in Paamul

Why to Buy in Paamul Cheap Beach Homes in the Riviera Maya

Just 10 minutes south of Playa del Carmen sits a quiet beach community created for laid-back fun and relaxation in a gorgeous natural setting. The neighborhood of Paamul features open-air palapa dwellings along with a stunning beach area, creating a close community atmosphere right by the Caribbean Sea.

Paamul is just perfect for expats and snowbirds in search of a place to relax on the beach, cool off in the pool and kick back in their own yard while enjoying ocean breezes and the shade of surrounding palm trees without a care in the world. With no need to worry about taxes, fees, pool maintenance or other nagging details, Paamul provides a picturesque no-stress lifestyle in paradise. Around here, everyone gets around by golf cart and bike, and it's a community where people don’t even feel the need to lock their doors.

Originally an RV park, these palapas and bunkers were built so that an RV could be pulled in and connected to services while having a safe bunker to weather storms, as well as provide shaded outdoor living space to enjoy this beautiful tropical climate. It has functioned as a high-bred trailer park of sorts for the past 20 years or so; today, many of the bunkers now have enclosed living areas, open-air kitchens and many other perks for comfortable living.

Paamul’s incredible beach area is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Here, you’ll see plenty of small fish and even some sea turtles. Beachside amenities include a restaurant with pool, massages, and dive tours. If you have guests visiting the area, Paamul also has a small hotel, cabanas for rent, RV hookups and camping, and the neighborhood is pet friendly. Life here in the Paamul community is comfortable, easy and relaxing!

The community of Paamul is especially ideal for buyers in search of what we call “a seriously champagne beach lifestyle on a totally beer budget”! These properties are just steps from a gorgeous Caribbean beach, but are all very, very affordable, starting as low as $69,900 USD.

You can do whatever you like with the palapa structure but pay lot rent on the land. The land itself is owned by the owner of the park, and lot rent is around $6,000 USD annually, which includes maintenance as well as all electricity, water, sewage, and garbage disposal. There are no other taxes or fees due for this property monthly or annually. The land at Paamul has been handed down for generations within the same family, and there is no way this family will ever give up this lifestyle to sell the area to a developer. The bylaws of this community do not allow for subletting, so the properties will not be used as vacation rentals. The neighborhood is much better suited to those who want to truly spend more time in their Riviera Maya vacation home.

Paamul is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a postcard-perfect beach lifestyle, but don’t want to bother with the hassle of ownership: no taxes, no lawyers, no stress. Just enjoyment. Paamul might not be your typical vacation home setup, but we think it’s even better! Nowhere else in the Riviera Maya could you be this close to the beach at such an affordable price, not to mention amenities like the pool, restaurant and hotel.

If you’re thinking about buying an affordable vacation home in Paamul but would like to know more about the land rental concept, feel free to contact us with any questions. Send an email to Lisa Love Juliot at or call us directly at (984)803-2487

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