Playa Del Carmen Real Estate | Ch'arki Jerky Jar Service for Addicts- get your jerk on!

Lisa Love lisa-love 10 August 2017 0
All the Ch'arki Jerky You Can Handle!

All the Ch'arki Jerky You Can Handle! Ch'arki Jerky Jar Service for Addicts

Get addicted to something good!

-Hand Cut, Hand Selected, Artisan Jerky-

Ch'arki Jerky, the first gourmet jerky company in Playa del Carmen, is now offering a weekly jar subscription service. Finally, you can "Get your jerk on" all day, every day with no worry of running out of meat.

For all of you happy addicts of Ch'arki Jerky this announcement will come as a relief. No more opening a million little baggies, no more running out of jerky, no more looking for the closest retailer: just fill out the online order form or WhatsApp the Ch’arki Jerky Hotline at 984-164-6361 and BOOM- a refillable jar of jerky on your desk, counter-top, refrigerator, car seat, bike basket, backpack, or wherever you need it most.

Jerky is one of the tasty treats that has alluded us Playenses for years; on rare occasions we could find some jerky of one kind or another, homemade, home smoked, or smuggled in a suitcase to our eager hands. Thanks to Ch'arki Jerky Playa del Carmen has its very own source of this coveted treat. Low fat, low carb, paleo friendly, protein packed and MEGA tasty, we at BuyPlaya have become addicts and go through a couple of jars a week ourselves! (Mucho Ch'arki Jerky was consumed during the writing of this article)

Ch'arki Jerky is made form high quality grass fed beef and is never frozen. The meat comes from the outskirts of Merida, Yucatan and is carefully cleaned and trimmed by a local butcher here in Playa del Carmen. Ch'arki Jerky is then trimmed of any additional fat and cut into jerky sized pieces, it is then placed in one of the unique flavor marinades; Original, Peppered, Sesame Sriracha, Habanero Tamarindo Extra Fuego, and Chipotle BBQ. After having some quality beauty rest in the miraculous marinade, the meat is ready and to be turned into Ch'arki Jerky. Once it has been dried the Ugly Jerky pieces are removed and only the best hand selected pieces remain, ready to be packed in a jar and delivered to you with love.

The Riviera Maya is filled with incredible sights, places to explore, magical jungles, enchanting ancient Mayan ruins, fresh cool cenotes, pristine beaches and so many things to do and see- don’t forget to pack a snack!

BuyPlaya is proud to support the local independent businesses of the Riviera Maya, invite us to check out your store or product. Think global, consume local!